XU100 2.444 2.405 1,60
VIOP 2.656 2.609 1,78
USD/TRY 16,7545 16,6984 0,34
BIST BANKS 1.976 1.942 1,74
DAX 12.813 12.784 0,23
GOLD 1.811,54 1.807,27 0,24
BRENT 111,48 109,03 2,25

 Transportation & Logistics

​We provide advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and debt financing for passenger and freight transportation companies, brokerage firms, and companies in charge of the transportation infrastructure systems.

Privatizations and various advisory services relevant to acquisition and project financing are among the other areas of consultancy that the Sectors Group is actively engaged in.

Our references associated with the Transportation and Services Sectors Group include a wide range of buy-side, sell-side, and privatization advisory services, project financing, public offerings and other consulting services projects for the infrastructure contractors providing facilities such as highways, airports, ports and marinas, as well as the passenger and freight transportation companies utilizing those infrastructural facilities.

In addition to Initial Public Offerings (IPO) of Turkish Airlines and LCC Pegasus Airlines, our team has also served in the public offering of DO&CO in Turkey, which is a significant service provider for Turkish Airlines. DO&CO is a vital project in the sense that it helped Turkish Capital Markets take a new pioneering step further by making a foreign company listed in Austria Stock Exchange go public in BIST.

Our team has also provided buy-side and sell-side advisory services to most of the port customers in Turkey's maritime industry.