XU100 11.139 11.065 0,67
VIOP 12.094 12.029 0,55
USD/TRY 33,0702 32,9927 0,23
BIST BANKS 16.158 15.828 2,09
DAX 18.591 18.748 -0,84
GOLD 2.463,54 2.422,36 1,70
BRENT 84,03 84,85 -0,97

 Institutional Sales


Our desk executes the foreign institutional investors’ trades in Turkish derivatives market. Our clients include foreign hedge funds, mutual funds and international investment banks. We provide execution and clearing services to our foreign institutional investor clients.

  • We are the market leader in executing the foreign institutional investors’ trades in Turkish derivatives market. Our clients include hedge funds, mutual funds and international investment banks.
  • Our clients can trade BIST 30 Equity Index Futures contracts, USD/TRY Futures Contracts and Single Stock Futures, Options and BIST 30 Equity Index Options through our desk.
  • BIST 30 Equity Index Futures contracts are the most liquid financial instrument within the overall financial system in Turkey. It is also one of the most liquid futures contracts in the world. Our clients trade those contracts for speculation, hedging and arbitrage purposes.
  • There are no regulatory restrictions for international investors who are eligible to trade all futures contracts in an investor friendly environment.
  • Trading in BIST 30 equity index and USDTRY futures contracts is tax free for international investors.
  • BIST 30 Index futures contracts were granted no action letter by CFTC in August 2010.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive market knowledge and trading ideas, roll strategies and the best macro coverage for Turkish derivatives market.
  • The best, fastest and completely accurate execution of the trades.
  • Strategic roll trading in blocks instead of doing it manually from the market as we roll large number of contracts every expiry period in the market.
  • Program trading for the index arbitrage trades helping us to find pricing discrepancies instantly and trading futures and entire collection of stocks that underlie the index simultaneously.
  • The largest local inventory for your stock borrowing needs to engage in the reverse cash and carry trades.
  • Flexibility and tailor made solutions in structuring your accounts.
  • Delivery of trade confirmation and account statements throughout the day and every evening respectively.
  • Urgent notification when we see that there is a margin call risk for your positions on T+0.
  • Direct market access to Turkish Derivatives Market.

Please contact: Umut Gorgulu ( +90 (212) 350 23 86 or Oktay Balaman ( 90 212 350 24 80

Equity Sales

Equity sales desk is a full-fledged team providing investors including pension funds, mutual funds, long-only and hedge funds a wide perspective on investing in Turkey utilizing IS Invest's expertise and leadership.

  • Guiding investors in comprehending Turkey's investment environment via organizing customized and group events such as
    • Non-deal & Deal roadshows
    • Economist & Analyst Roadshows
    • Reverse Roadshows
    • Site Visits
    • Conferences
    • Macro & Analyst Conference Calls
    • Sector Specialist Conference Calls
    • Company Management Conference Calls
  • Successful track record and proficiency as sole-book runner in sizeable IPOs and placements
  • Recommending high conviction stock ideas depending on the investment criteria and strategy of each investor
  • Communicating research reports to investors and conveying thoughts/concerns/sentiment of investors to our Research team
  • Following up with the holdings of investors, suggesting additions, reductions of positions and switches to maximize returns
  • Updating investors on a regular basis to give the "news from the ground"
  • Managing alpha-capture funds

Please contact: Pelin Guzelocak Ucrak ( +90 (212) 350 23 84

Equity Trade

We provide equity trading services in BIST aiming “best execution” for each client.​

  • The trading desk is committed to deliver a high quality service to clients with various trading strategies.
  • Our traders assist clients to find block trading opportunities for illiquid stocks.
  • FIX and DMA facilities provide clients to access the market with timely and efficient manner.
  • Online connection via international vendors enables Is investment to reach clients across the world.
  • Co-location service provides faster access to BIST trading systems thanks to low latency.

Please contact: Taylan Mamaci ( +90 (212) 350 23 32