XU100 8.026 7.949 0,98
VIOP 8.646 8.541 1,23
USD/TRY 28,8960 28,8732 0,08
BIST BANKS 8.625 8.358 3,20
DAX 16.398 16.215 1,12
GOLD 2.070,93 2.036,27 1,70
BRENT 79,56 80,86 -1,61

 Market Making

In the market making system, the market makers are institutions that contribute to increased market liquidity, set out in the present rules of Derivatives Market contracts.

The Market Makers are obliged to purchase and sell orders into the market under the providing conditions of Derivative Market's pre-determined  volume and trading scissors.

​IS Investment, operates as a market maker in index options and share futures. With the market making system, high liquidity and healthy investment environment is provided in the relevant contract.

Investors get the opportunity to invest 10 different leveraged shares by shares futures contracts. Share futures market give the opportunity to trade easily both directions rising and falling.

In the share futures with the​ short positions, investors get rid of short sales transactions which are quite troublesome and with the long positions, investors have the opportunity to eliminate the high cost of credit.

​Investors can open purchase and sale contracts in what directions they want, besides they have the opportunity to implement different option strategies. Investors can open speculative positions with the index option contracts, besides can use strategies to increase income or protect capital.