XU100 10.771 10.740 0,29
VIOP 11.750 11.725 0,21
USD/TRY 32,8221 32,8097 0,04
BIST BANKS 15.552 15.272 1,83
DAX 18.164 18.254 -0,50
GOLD 2.322,05 2.360,00 -1,61
BRENT 85,02 85,71 -0,81

 Frequently Asked Questions

Investors who open an account at IS investment, have the ability to trade through computers and compatible mobile devices anywhere on the internet, in domestic, international and forex markets.​​

Through the interactive system, investors can display transactions and their accounts. ​

Orders sent by email are not accepted as a requirement to protect our customers as they may cause in terms of security. Such practices are not in compliance with Capital Markets Legislation. ​

You can optimize your limited buy orders to higher price steps and your sales orders to lower price steps.​

With the new application introduced by the Borsa Istanbul, orders can be cancelled during the whole session. ​

You can give orders to Borsa Istanbul Borrowing Instruments Market both the investment advisor and the TradeMaster Platform. In case of realization of the transaction, brokerage commission and 5% bank and insurance treatment taxes are taken over the commission.  ​

Bonus shares in the registered capital system will be accounted for two working days after (T+2)  the date of the free capital increase. When the company makes capital increase, the last day on which the rights of the shareholders' shares can be used are transferred to your account if the amount of your share that you have is in your current account. ​

Cash dividend amounts are recorded by Takasbank to member accounts, we record the receivables on the customer accounts within the same day. ​​

You need to give the relevant brokerage house a security transfer order, then you will be able to transfer your securities to your IS Investment account. ​

On the day you give the transfer order, the securities that have been realized have passed to your account in the relevant brokerage house. But you have previously issued sales orders and have not realized yet, you can not immediately received any outstanding securities. These stocks are transferred to the corresponding accounts after the exchange has taken place.​

For detailed information on transaction commissions, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

For detailed information about account opening, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

You can sign our contracts and open an account at IS Investment, through TradeMaster FX Platform you can do forex trading. For detailed information about forex account opening, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

For detailed information about account opening limits, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

For detailed information about custody commissions, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

​Until the New York Stock Exchange closes, y​ou can send your transactions by communicate with our specialists at International Markets Directorate on +90 212 350 28 28 or through the TradeMaster International Platform. ​

Yes, you can open accounts for your children. For detailed information about opening account for your children, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

For detailed information about cooperative accounts, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

Expert persons who have the authority and level of education in accordance with the legislation of the Capital Markets Law, advise you to invest in the Money and Capital Markets, convey information and opinions, and carry out your transactions in accordance with your decisions. ​​

Issued Capital of IS Investment TRY 355.000.000 ; Equity Size in Console reached TRY 560 million.<br>

Capital Structure;<br>

Name-Share ratio<br>

Türkiye İş Bankası – 67%<br>
İş Factoring Finansman Hizmetleri A.Ş. - 2,4%<br>
İş Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. - 2,4%<br>
Camiş Yatırım Holding A.Ş. – 0,17%<br>
Public – 28%​​​

67% of IS Investment belongs to Is Bank but legal entity, activity area and services it offers are seperated from Is Bank. ​

In addition to the Investment Advisory Directorate within the headquarters have Akaretler, Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Bursa, İzmir, Kalamış, Levent, Maslak, Suadiye, Yeniköy and Yeşilköy branches and also has Diyarbakır Liaison Office. ​

It will suffice to submit your desired reports and relevant communication information to your investment advisor.​

Anyone who wishes can become a member of our website. Interactive system membership is only for investors who have accounts at IS Investment. ​​

You can get information regularly from the investment advisor assigned to you or over the internet.​

For detailed information about transaction and custody commission, you can contact us via phone number +90 (212) 350 24 24 or you can e-mail us at 

Eurobonds are kept at IS Investment account located abroad. ​

You may lose your price competition for quantities smaller than $50,000.​​

Brokerage Houses can not make deposits in accordance with the Capital Market Legislation. But you can contact your investment advisor for many alternatives to your foreign exchange investments. ​​

Charges TRY 7.5 for asset transfer. ​​

Unless you authorize it, no one can get any information about your account. ​

It is not possible to give share orders buy or sell more than one day due to the decision of the Borsa Istanbul.  In future contracts and option contracts. "valid until canceled" and "dated" orders are issued at derivative markets. ​

Liability to Turkish individual taxation is based on the status of residency. Resident individuals are deemed as full taxpayers and they are taxable on their world-wide income. Non-residents, on the other hand, are classified as limited taxpayers and liable to Turkish tax only on their Turkish source earnings. 

As per Turkish Income Tax Law, an individual will be deemed as tax resident:

        -if he stays in Turkey continuously for more than six months in a calendar year (temporary departures are not considered as interruption), or 

        -if his "legal residence (Legal residence: In the Turkish civil code, legal residence is defined as the place where one lives, with the intention of settling down. However, there is no guidance on how such intention is to be measured, nor are there any relevant rulings on the issue. We believe that if a foreign national purchases a home in Turkey and lives together with his family, this could be considered as intention of settling down. Then again, each individual's status should be analysed based on a broader perspective of all his personal circumstances before an opinion could be formed in this respect) is in Turkey. 

If a foreign national meets either of the two conditions mentioned above, he would be considered as tax resident in Turkey.

The only exception to the aforementioned residency rule, provided under the same law, is for foreign nationals who stay in Turkey for more than six months exclusively for the fulfilment of a "specific and temporary" assignment. If the work to be performed meets the "specific and temporary" criterion, the expatriate may qualify as non-resident for tax purposes irrespective of duration of his stay in Turkey.

As can be drawn up from the above, a variety of issues may arise in determining whether a foreign national is classified as a non-resident or a resident. Furthermore, residency status may change from year to year. Therefore the circumstances surrounding each employee must always be analysed separately.

​You can trade VIOP After Hours by calling +90 212 350 21 00 or via our TradeMaster Platform.