XU100 10.771 10.740 0,29
VIOP 11.750 11.725 0,21
USD/TRY 32,8221 32,8097 0,04
BIST BANKS 15.552 15.272 1,83
DAX 18.164 18.254 -0,50
GOLD 2.322,05 2.360,00 -1,61
BRENT 85,02 85,71 -0,81

 About Us

Our corporate finance team strives to bring value added solutions to its clients, both on their strategic and financial needs. Our sector and business product teams mobilize their efforts in line with the clients needs to complete the project at hand successfully.

​​​​​​​​​​​​With its highly skilled and experienced team, corporate responsibility and work ethics, IS Investment provides high standard investment banking services to its clients. With the tradition coming from Isbank of market making and trend setting, IS Investment provides innovative and precise solutions to its clients in its core business expertise areas. Employing the largest corporate finance team in the industry and providing the broadest spectrum of services, IS Investment ai​ms to create long-term relationships with its clients to provide continual support and advisory.​​


  • IS Investment Corporate Finance department was established in 1996 on the experience and human resources heritage of Isbank’s securities department, Turkey's first.
  • Starting in the 1980s and mainly realized as public offerings, all privatization projects were carried out by Isbank’s securities department. Companies such as Arçelik, Erdemir, Tüpraş, Petkim and Tofaş, which are traded on the BIST, have an important investor base and occupy a crucial spot in the indices, all carried out their initial public offering through Isbank Securities department.
  • Additionally, almost all private sector debt securities issuances throughout the 1990’s were realized through Isbank Securities department.
  • With the establishment of IS Investment in 1996, the Corporate Finance department was set up with the experienced team members and continued to structure and develop the market and solidified its leading position in public offerings, which it still holds today.
  • With the shift in privatization efforts to block-sale processes in the 2000's, the Corporate Finance department played a major role in both sell-side and buy-side, providing M&A advisory in the completion of 29 projects on the sell-side and 39 projects on the buy-side.
  • With the increase in foreign investment in Turkey, especially after 2005, private sector M&A advisory has become one of the core areas and IS Investment'​s corporate finance team leads the markets in the number of deals completed.​​