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VIOP 8.673 8.732 -0,67
USD/TRY 28,9147 28,8819 0,11
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DAX 16.533 16.405 0,78
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 Healthcare & Services

​We provide advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and debt financing for companies in healthcare and services industries.

Our references associated with the healthcare sector include buy-side and sell-side advisory services for companies in the business of pharmaceutical production and sales, pharmaceutical warehousing, medical equipment production and/or sales, hospitals, other wellness and health support services as well as private sector buy-side advisory, project financing, public offerings and a wide variety of other consultancy services for the public private partnership projects.

For the Services Group, we provide advice and services for mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and debt financing to our clients involved in tourism and hospitality, as well as firms with various commercial focus.

Our team has engaged in leading healthcare projects in Turkey, such as the sale of Embil İlaç, Dharma İlaç, and Dr Frik; mezzanine financing for Dem İlaç, and corporate bond offerings projects for Deva İlaç, as well as the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Selçuk Ecza Deposu.

Our diligent and experienced team has been working on a wide range of projects including sell-side and buy-side advisory, valuation services, and project financing in an extensive client set containing companies from ship management and fleet leasing sectors to restaurant management and facilities management.