XU100 10.644 10.320 3,14
VIOP 11.563 11.167 3,54
USD/TRY 32,2020 32,2745 -0,22
BIST BANKS 14.378 13.717 4,82
DAX 18.704 18.739 -0,18
GOLD 2.415,01 2.376,46 1,62
BRENT 84,00 83,27 0,88

 FMCG & Retail

​​​As FMCG Industry Department we provide our counselling services for Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings and Bond and Bill Issuance to both domestic and foreign companies that are active in food and non-food industry, in consumer goods industry above a certain level and in agriculture industry in terms of production/distribution and marketing. Our department also provide various valuation and project financing services to the companies that are in the FMCG industry.

​​​​Among our references there are number of projects that received buy and sell side consulting, initial public offering, projects financing and valuation services in food or non-food retail, personal care products, agriculture and breeding industries.

As industry department we provided our services to buy side Doğuş Çay in acquiring salted snack producer Kraft Gıda, to sell side Moova Dairy Products in their transaction with SEK (Tat Gıda), to buy side Okullu Gıda in acquiring paste, canned goods and jam producer Tukaş and to sell side Tiryaki Agro which is one of Turkey’s leading company in agricultural product business in their transaction with Dubai based private equity Investcorp. In retail industry we provided sell side services to known supermarket chain İsmer Süpermarketleri with 26 retail stores in their transaction with CarrefourSA.