XU100 10.644 10.320 3,14
VIOP 11.563 11.167 3,54
USD/TRY 32,2020 32,2745 -0,22
BIST BANKS 14.378 13.717 4,82
DAX 18.704 18.739 -0,18
GOLD 2.415,01 2.376,46 1,62
BRENT 84,00 83,27 0,88

 Debt Capital Markets

​​​​​IS Investment's Debt Capital Markets Origination Team provides the most appropriate solution alternatives for its clients with a large product range, manages end-to-end processes of issuance within the framework of clients' needs and expectations and brings them together with a widespread investor base and procures access to funding under proper conditions.
  • IS Investment, as a market leader, arranged 81.5 billion TL of Debt Capital Markets ("DCM") issuances for Banks, Non-bank Financial Institutions and Corporates in order to fulfill their mid and long term financing requirements since 2010. Our market share is 21% of the total market as a result of the transaction amounting to approximately TL 18.7 billion by the end of 2016.
  • IS Investments Debt Capital Markets Origination Team arranges and structures fixed-income product alternatives including but not limited with Conventional Bills/Bonds, Sukuk (lease certificate), Covered Bond and Securitizations for its clients via selling method of public offerings and qualified investors with its long standing track record of bookrunner capabilities.
  • IS Investment, leading DCM house in Turkey, led debut transactions such as the first corporate bond issuance in 2010 after 10 years, the first Sukuk issuance in 2012 and the first domestic covered bond issuance in Turkish factoring sector in 2013.
  • IS Investment's DCM Origination team delivered tailored fixed-income solutions for 38 different issuers since 2010 where issuers' sectorial breakdown is as follows; 7 Banks, 14 Non-bank Financial Institutions and 17 Real Sector corporates.
  • In 2016, IS Investment has executed issuances for top-tier FIs, banks and corporates such as Türkiye İş Bankası, ING Bank, Odeabank, Creditwest Faktoring, Deva Holding, İş Faktoring, İş Leasing, Orfin Finansman, İş GYO and Koç Fiat Tüketici Finansman. Akfen Holding 3 year-bond issuance with a nominal value of TRY 300 million realized in January 2017 became the first real sector bond issuance of the domestic capital markets in 2017.
  • IS Investment provides the unique range of funding opportunities offered by debt capital markets to its clients throughout the wide range of DCM products while enable its clients to reach a broad investor base. Our DCM Origination Team manages the issuance processes from beginning to end together with our solid capabilities evidenced by our leading position. Besides; following the issuance, IS Investment prepares regular research reports covering the Issuer over the life of the security as well as contributes the secondary market liquidity.
  • IS Investment is not only the leading DCM house covering the domestic markets; but also it acted as co-manager for 11 Eurobond and Sukuk issuances in international debt capital markets for both domestic and foreign Issuers and Undersecretariat of Treasury’s since 2003.