XU100 2.444 2.405 1,60
VIOP 2.656 2.609 1,78
USD/TRY 16,7545 16,6984 0,34
BIST BANKS 1.976 1.942 1,74
DAX 12.813 12.784 0,23
GOLD 1.811,54 1.807,27 0,24
BRENT 111,48 109,03 2,25

 Asset Management

​​​Asset Management is the service to investors who have time and tracking difficulties and need professional help.

Investment Asset Management Groups are a form of private management in evaluating asset risk groups according to their preferences.

Balanced Asset Group, regardless of developments in the market, is set to invest in a asset that aims to give a return more than the return on deposits by investing to private sector bonds, treasury bonds, structured products, government securities, reverse repo and preferred repo etc. According to Capital Markets Board rules, the investors must be "Qualified Investor" because of using private sector bonds in assets.

​Qualified Investor: Communiqué said the various institutional investors and natural and legal persons having Turkish and foreign money and capital instruments at least one million Turkish Liras are the qualified investors.