XU100 8.057 8.087 -0,37
VIOP 8.673 8.732 -0,67
USD/TRY 28,9013 28,9143 -0,04
BIST BANKS 8.856 8.862 -0,07
DAX 16.533 16.405 0,78
GOLD 2.018,64 2.026,35 -0,38
BRENT 77,22 78,03 -1,04

 Equity Capital Markets

​​Since its establishment, IS Investment led 30 equity public offerings, with a total value of 9.1 billion TRY (6.7 billion USD). IS Investment is currently the local sector leader in public offerings, in terms of both number and size.

Equity Public Offerings

IS Investment is the current sector leader engaged in 30 public offerings with 9.1 billion TRY (6.7 billion USD) total value.

IS Investment has led many of the major public offerings in the sector. IS Investment is the only local equity house that can successfully execute internationally marketed IPOs of over 100 million USD in size, without forming a consortium with a foreign investment bank. IS Investment also teams up with foreign investment banks and has experience working with all the foreign investment banks that operate in Turkey

In 2010 IS Investment completed a unique IPO with DO&CO. DO&CO is the first foreign company traded on Borsa İstanbul. During DO&CO's IPO, IS Investment worked with the government/legal authorities to form new regulations allowing foreign firms to go public in Turkey. For the first time, IS Investment -as a local equity house- led a multinational consortium consisting foreign investment banks and local equity houses in DO&CO's IPO.

IS Investment is also active in privatization through public offerings as well as private corporation public offerings. Since its foundation, IS Investment was consortium leader in 4 privatization IPOs out of 9.

IS Investment with its unrivaled expertise in public offerings and largest corporate finance team acts as a business partner to the client throughout the whole IPO process. In the course of public offerings, IS Investment serves its clients on the points listed below:

  • Restructuring before IPO, if deemed necessary
  • Determining the IPO strategy, forming equity story and timeline
  • Guidance with corporate governance
  • Support for applications and documentation required for Capital Markets Board and Borsa İstanbul
  • Preparing Analyst Presentation and preparing the research report
  • Managing advertisement and public relations activities
  • Coordination with all parties participating in the public offering (Audit firms, legal advisers, advertisement and PR firms, etc.)
  • Sales and marketing activities (Investor education, local and foreign roadshows)
  • Allocation and legal announcements.
  • Price Stabilization
  • Publishing regular research reports after the IPO.

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Other Equity Market Operations

Our services other than equity public offerings are listed below. Our equity capital markets team is experienced and able for all of them.

  • Intermediation for tender offers
  • Intermediation for retirement rights
  • Intermediation for squeeze out rights/sell out rights
  • Managing wholesale market operation process
  • Executing Accelerated Bookbuild Offerings (Corporate/qualified investor sales)​

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