XU100 8.057 8.087 -0,37
VIOP 8.673 8.732 -0,67
USD/TRY 28,8717 28,9143 -0,15
BIST BANKS 8.856 8.862 -0,07
DAX 16.533 16.405 0,78
GOLD 2.018,97 2.026,35 -0,36
BRENT 77,28 78,03 -0,96

 Basic Industries & Manufacturing

​The division, having completed over 40 deals, has vast experience in mergers & acquisitions. Our team provides sell-side and buy-side advisory services for both strategic and financial investors as well as their acquisitions abroad.

The acquisition of Ceramica Rondine, an Italy-based company, by Seramiksan and HNG Float Glass, an India-based company, by Şişecam in 2013, as well as the acquisition of Odelo, a Germany-based company, by Bayraktarlar Group in 2011 can be listed as the most recent deals that our team acted as the buy-side advisor.

On the other hand, the majority stake sell of Hakan Plastik to Georg Fischer and Mopisan to Mahle Group can be named as two of our team’s latest sell-side experiences where gradual sell-share to strategic investors was carried out and medium to long term shareholder relationship has been established.